isadc2011 SUMMER
Ritsuko TAHO, August Light

2011 8.1-8.30

This was the ISADC’s opening exhibition by Ritsuko TAHO, who is an ISADC representative and creates works dealing with the environment. Transforming the gloomy warehouse into a space filled with fog, TAHO drew intermittent memory-evoking images with huge dyed clothes and several new technologies such as LED, sound, and video. The distant effects of the 3.11 earthquake, invisible anxiety toward radioactive material, and the memory of World War II’s end overlapped in “August Light.”

Ritsuko TAHO|Artist

TAHO has worked in the frontier of public art relating to landscape and environment mainly based in the U.S. and Japan. While incorporating community participation in her projects, TAHO has developed earthworks and environmental art through collaborations with urban planners, engineers, and both public and private agencies. Her recent public art seeks new approaches to dialogue with landscape by using forest materials and LED.